Look under Shoes and Boots for your Dollhouse or Room Box Scene These are delightful. Just what you need, handbags can also be made to match.

We also, Offer a range of gift vouchers, Gift Vouchers are a lovely gift for someone you love. All gifts wrapped and a card included.

Email me kbrindle@dodo.com.au


My name is Kathy Brindle, and I have been involved with miniatures for the last 30 years. Along the way I have tried my hand at just about everthing; forthe last 10 years I have been concentrating on my favourite interest,flowers.  I hope you enjoy looking at my flowers as much as I enjoyed making them.

Each flower is handmade after careful rearch to ensure authenticity. I endeavor to make each plant as life like as possible .

Be sure to check out my luggage. All  items have brass fittings and open and close.

A big thankyou to my family and friends for their encouragement,support and critique that has been invaluable to me.

All products on this site are 1/12 scale unless stated .

For orders, Payment Email:  kbrindle@dodo.com.au

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All items on this website are my own, Please do not pin to Pinterest.  Please respect my copyright.

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