Top left  Tulips  made in colour of your choice   $35Top Right  Aspidestra  $352nd row left Pointsettas    $35

2nd row Right  Cyclamen   $35

3rd row right   fern $354th  row right Spider plant $35

5th row middle  right Lavender & orchid  $35 each pot

 6th row right poppies $35 a pot

 7th row rightCactus $35

 7throw left   Hydrangeas $35 a tub your choice of colour.

8th row  Left Daffodils $35a pot, 8th  Right orange Lilies $35 a pot.

9th Left deep pink lilies $35,  9th Right Aggapanthus $35 a pot

10th row Right wWhite or pink Lilies $35 a pot

Left bottom, geranium $35 per pot. Can be made in any colour.



                          Pots may vary .



 Spring tubs or Flowers in Tubs all $30 each colour can be your choice for each tub.

Bottom Right Irises $25 a pot.

Red  Geranium  $25 a pot

Daisies $20 a pot

Palm on the right       $25

Bottom Left Chrysanthemums   $25 per pot

In some cases pots may vary
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