Top left  Loius Vitton look alike $60 this has 4 opening drawers and a hanging rack.

Top right  Barrel  trunk with 2 suitcases $70

2nd row  down on left  Back pack which opens $20

2nd row down on right suitcase sizes large $35,med $25,small $15

3rd rowdown  on left Mans trunk complete  waistcoat,telescope,glasses,jar for colonge,maps and pocket watch $80

3rd rowdown  on right showing different size trunks to be ordered         1/12 $60.  each

4th row down on left another trunk in a different colour,your choice of colour for any trunk or luggage    $60.00

4th row down on right  wedding trunk complete with all the Bride needs bouquet and ring boxes 2 rings one with a diamond. $120 the set

5th row down  2 different sets of luggage made in your choice of colourseach set is $55

5th row down  Suitcase on wheels $35 made up in any colour

6th row on right  samples of what luggage that can be ordered

The round hat boxes  $20 each

All Luggage Opens and Closes and has Brass fittings


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